Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Internet in Palau

Internet in Palau!

We're celebrating internet access today at our apartment in Koror, Palau and can now update our blog and share some of the miraculous experiences of our first few days serving the Lord in this tiny island republic.

Let's take a step back to our MTC days (oh, that seems so long ago!) and review a few events of the last couple of weeks.

On April 21st we met Elder & Sister Hansen, new arrivals at the MTC headed to Cove Fort.  They had already dropped off their living quarters there and met our friends Elder & Sister Christensen, the directors of that visitors center.
Micronesia Guam Missionaries
Elder & Sister Carter going to Palau
Elder & Sister Crisp going to Chuuk
We had a rough revelation today that our friends Elder & Sister Crisp going to our same mission will fly on different flights!  They fly through Portland, Oregon and we through Seattle, Washington.  This stress may have added to Elder Carter's nerves since he woke up with a toothache.  Ouch!  He felt much better after a yummy dinner at Clint & Camille's home and visiting with Mick, Ariel, Abby, Madison, Cody, Isaac, and Ezra.  We skipped a farewell fireside to be with family, but the time was well spent with those we love!

Monday morning, April 22nd, we began a new training sponsored by CES.  Brother Anderson, one of our amazing trainers, taught us in the way of the Master and demonstrated truly masterful teaching.  We learned about a five step process for preparing and presenting lessons and how our teaching needs to be student-centered.

Allan visited a dentist and found that the toothache was sinus related--thank goodness!  We were fortunate to run into George & Dixie Whitehead who were at the MTC in language training for their mission which begins in July, and know they'll be a powerful influence for good among their missionaries in Mexico.

Our CES instructors helped us practice all the steps they had been teaching, and we made it through with only minor cuts and scrapes.  We were humbled enough to truly feel the Spirit at the Tuesday evening fireside where Elder David Evans (member of the Seventy) spoke.

Elder & Sister Bell
Elder & Sister Bird
Wednesday, April 24th, was one of the most bittersweet of our experience so far.  We were instructed by powerful missionaries from the church offices (Elder & Sister Bell), met their replacements (Elder & Sister Bird)) and know they'll be just as wonderful, but then had to say our goodbyes to our CES and military couples that we've studied with over the last ten days.  We're all off to our various assignments spreading the gospel message wherever the Lord has assigned us.
Mick, Ariel, & Abby

Nathaniel & Carla

Clint & Camille
Isaac, Madison, Cody, & Ezra

Grandma & Grandpa with Isaac, Ezra, & Abby

Wednesday evening we planned to meet with Mick, Ariel, Abby, Madison, Cody, Isaac, Ezra, Camille, and Clint for dinner and to say our final goodbyes before our flights on Thursday morning.  Imagine our surprise and awe when Nathaniel and Carla stepped out of their cars and met us at the restaurant to visit with us for our last couple of hours with family.  Sister Carter cried her eyes out and Elder Carter was noted for a few tears of his own.  Nathaniel and Carla flew from Houston, Texas to spend a couple of hours with us and wish us well on our mission adventure.  We took pictures of us and the babies then somehow made it back to the hotel to pack and grab a few hours sleep.


  1. Elder and Sister Carter,

    One week after your initial postings, I have checked your blog daily for your next update. Last night we were rewarded!! Thank you soooo much for taking the precious time to do this. It uplifts us in so many ways as you share your adventure serving the Lord. I also share your blog with a few freinds, in the hopes they will feel the Spirit and have a desire to serve.... so you are also influencing many at home We may not respond every week, but please know that we read ALL your posts with great love, interest and excitement, and that we are praying for you along with thousands of others in the temples each day. We love you guys! Nik & Cindy

    1. You lift and sustain us in so many ways! Thank you! We would like to write much, much more, but it takes a looooong time to load photos and we are cautious with our time on the computer.

      Tell the family "hi" and take good care of everyone and know we're thinking of you!

  2. I totally teared up reading this! I miss you tons!!!

    We are so glad to hear that you made it there safely, and that you have the internet. We can't wait to read your updates as you post them!

    1. Hello my cute Ava, Nathan, Monica, and Tyler!

      We are always so glad to hear from you and know you're following along on the blog--even though we have a hard time keeping it current. We promised we'll be better, especially if the internet load time improves:)

      Let us know what's happening in your family please. We miss you!