Sunday, April 21, 2013

Provo Missionary Training Center -- Week One

Here are several important parts to the "MTC Experience" which all missionaries, young and senior, experience when they accept a call from the Lord:

1.  Associating with several thousand young men and women, each called by the Lord to leave home and friends to serve, and the experience of building relationships with the 35-40 couples called each week to go through the similar training experience.  Building a relationship with the couples is an experience we've sought, simply because there is so much depth and experience wandering around the stake center in which we are all trained.  Our lives have been doubly blessed because we have a couple, Elder and Sister Crisp, who have been called to our same mission and who will share that lengthy flight with us to Guam.  So, the first part of the experience deals with relationships; and

2.  Going through the training of Preach My Gospel, administered to us by mission leaders and by young returned missionaries.  We had read through the manual and thought we knew much of the material contained therein; however, the Spirit of the teaching was absent in our home teaching and training, and that Spirit was most evident as we separated into districts and began the long process of being taught throughout the week.  It was a privilege to share faith and testimonies with volunteers and senior missionaries.  We learned so much in the instructional part of the experience.
Our MTC district

These experiences dealing with fellowship/relationships and with instruction with live with us always.  We have been warmed by other senior missionaries as we've listened to their tales of conversion, the challenges of being called and serving, and the hopes each couple has for their children and grandchildren.  Truly, the work of the Lord is moving forward in an extraordinary way.

There was a "first" at the MTC this week:  It is the first week ever in which there were more sisters (259) checking in than elders (253).

 It has been extraordinary to feel the promptings of the Spirit as we've contemplated the next stage of our service.  We have felt those promptings as we've spent some time with family.  Our hearts are full as we close out this week.  The trappings of our former life have vanished in our minds and hearts and we are not anxious to return to them at this stage of our experience.  We have also been blessed with people this week who have been tossed in our path and to whom we've given advice and counsel.  As we have looked into the eyes of those the Lord has entrusted to our care we have been reminded that this is not OUR work, but it is HIS work.  We are but simple instruments in this work.


  1. It sounds like you are having a great time at the MTC. I'm sure it is just the beginning of many more wonderful weeks in the mission field. Take care and keep us updated. Love, Kevin

  2. So happy to see you on this blog. Thank you for keeping us updated. Can't wait to hear more. Love you! Janna

  3. Such a cute couple....and look at Allan glow!!! Like everyone else, we are grateful to be able to follow your journey, and can't wait to share in your experiences. By the way, I hope you were able to meet the couple in the group picture, about 5th from the right on the back row...Don and Janene Edwards...who are serving as CES directors around Samoa/Tahiti/etc. They are from the Kaysville 2nd Ward, and they both served with Cindy and me at the Apple Tree Assisted Living amazing couple. Love, Nik & Cin

  4. Cindy here. I loved reading about your first week in the MTC and recalled the wonderful time we had there. How great to be there when when history was made. The young women of the Church are amazing in the way they have responded to this change. So are the younger young men. We have 5 younger missionaries leaving from our ward by the end of the summer! Thanks for your enthusiasm to serve and serve and serve. You have inspired us! We love being able to share your mission with you! Love, Cindy