Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day and.......Mother's Day

Elder & Sister Carter at Japanese ruins
Living in Palau but still having ties in the United States is a lot like living within the movie Groundhog Day. We celebrated Mother's Day yesterday (Sunday) and again today (Monday) by having the young elders and sisters call home.  This is one of their two days a year to talk with their families, and we noticed a couple of similarities among all the calls and Skype opportunities:  utter frustration when the phone or technology did not work or was terribly slow, yet heavenly elation when they saw and visited with family members.  You might think that talking with family at home would take their mind off of missionary work, but not our missionaries!  They remain focused and true to their callings and we think they may be even more committed to work harder than ever to represent the good names of their families.  We're so proud of them!!

They came back later to play a rousing game of Catch Phrase where we all laughed long enough and hard enough to give our abs a great workout.  We're  pretty sure that Elder Dopp earned the award for the funniest response--and we'd share it, but it's one of those "had to be there" situations.

Elders Fullmer & Malaise working on Sunday night dinner
Elders Gubler, Dopp, & Carter eating hearty

YM's project

This past week has been filled with more member visits, work for the branch, Seminary, and YM/YW.  We had fifteen attend and collaborated well to help Daniel with a work project.

YW with beautiful smiles!

Youth working together
Heat + humidity + hard work + missionaries = accomplishment!

Speaking of work projects, we met with our district to help an investigator with her garden and then later in the week we drove to Babeldaub to help a member dig a septic tank hole.  It was a beautiful day to enjoy the long drive into a pristine section of this beautiful country.  The missionaries worked hard but came away knowing they had accomplished much good and enjoyed the physical change to their routine.

Missionaries at work

Friday evening the branch held a priesthood commemoration meeting where they roasted hot dogs and had a short program and enjoyed the fellowship of 14 brethren.  A nice, modified Fathers and Sons activity.

Elders Dopp, Fullmer, Gubler sweaty, but happy
We were visiting with a pastor from another faith when we received a text from Sister Norgrant and Sister Masiasomua that they needed a vehicle accident report form from us.  Our hearts almost flipped out of our chests wondering if they were all right.  They quickly assured us that they were okay and explained that someone had run into the back of their car, which pushed them into the stopped car in front of them. The instigator of the accident drove off, but the sisters were able to copy his license plate number so that he was apprehended later in the evening.  Quick thinking sisters!

Mother's Day, May 12th, was awash in meetings.  We started at 7:50 A.M. and wound up the time at the chapel around 5:30 P.M.  Sister Carter played the piano for Sacrament Meeting and both of us talked.  Sister Carter talked about "mothers who knew" from the stripling warrior story and Julie Beck's 2007 Conference talk and sneaked in the opportunity to talk about her mom.  Elder Carter talked about our homes as a refuge and defense and gave several examples from our family too.  

The six missionaries came to our home for dinner at 5:30, ate and enjoyed each other's company, then left for work an hour later.  They are being blessed for their faithfulness--and so are we!


  1. Isn't it wonderful to be so busy working for the Lord?!

  2. Loved your mothers day post. You are such a blessing to the elders and sister in Palau. It is so fun to see the pictures you are posting--we, of course, recognize all the people and places. When did Seth get back to Palau? Is he planning to stay awhile? What a busy Sunday! You must have held branch council and then followed that a meal for 8 people! Way to go! GARY

    1. We love these young missionaries and are so proud of their righteous decisions and great work ethics! You understand those tender feelings.

      Seth Carlson has been here about two weeks and plans to stay for two more. He says he would like to stay longer--if not forever, but I think his family wants him to join them.

      How are you adjusting to civilian life?