Monday, May 27, 2013

May Days

Fresh coconut juice for thirsty missionaries!

Hard working missionaries!
Part of the mission experience includes service projects, and we completed a wonderful one this week cleaning the area around the church sign which shows the way to the church.  The trees and bushes were completely overgrown and the sign wasn’t visible coming from the east besides being so dirty that it was difficult to see the letters.  Now it looks great and we’ll need to find some flowers to plant at the base to make it even more beautiful.
Missionaries proud of their work!
Elder Carter in his "civvies"

After Sister Carter taught a piano lesson, we started looking for members and had some great experiences.  We met one of the powerful chiefs on the island—and all by "accident."  We discussed the idea of an interfaith council working to help the youth and families here.  We were definitely led to him!

Sister Carter always enjoys running or walking in the morning, but this week a wonderful thing happened that boosted her spirits and helped her feel the love of this people.  When she turned down one road the first two drivers waved and yelled “hi” FIRST!  She felt welcomed and appreciated and after the first two drivers, nearly every single driver and person on the street greeted her in some way.  Her steps grew light and her heart nearly lifted her above the pavement.
Elder Carter had a bit of a different experience this week as he and a dog had a brief encounter.  The dog tried to bite him, but Elder Carter only suffered some dirty saliva on his leg and a humble apology from the ashamed owner.

We attended the high school graduation of three of our branch members.  The program lasted a long, long time, and while it was plenty warm, we were grateful for the battery operated handheld fans that Jan and Bill Boice gave us before we left.  Thank you friends!!  
Kaytano at graduation

Meeting with the Seventh Day Adventist pastor was a highlight this week.  He was gracious and kind and a willing proponent of an interfaith council and accepted our invitation to have our first meeting at his church. 

We enjoyed another baptism this week!  We have been blessed to see the light of the gospel in Maria's eyes and her countenance change as she was baptized by Elder Gubler and took upon herself the name of Christ.  We hope we exhibit that beautiful countenance as we represent the Savior here in Palau.
Beautiful in white

Maria, Elders Gubler & Dopp

Sacrament Meeting was another spiritual feast as the Winninghams and Leavitts spoke about the sacrifice of the Father and how sacrifice in our lives can be a blessing.  Elder Carter, Clair Hall, and Eli McCann offered a beautiful musical rendition of "Brightly Beams Our Father's Mercy" to add to the already spiritual meeting.

Sister Carter attended Primary and worked with the children on the song “I Love to See the Temple” with Elders Fullmer and Malais playing their guitars.  The kids were darling and are prepared to present a musical number for one of the June Sacrament Meetings.
Some of our Primary children
Another highlight of the week--oh, there are so many--was Seminary graduation.  We have four seniors, two of whom earned four-year diplomas, one earned a three-year certificate (she's only been a member three years), and the last one earned a one-year certificate.  Eight other students earned completion certificates and all participated in the program through speaking or singing.  Afterwards we ate Sloppy Joes until we were so full it was difficult to drive home.  We're so proud of these seniors and their desires to serve missions and attend BYU-Hawaii in the fall and know that Seminary has given them a firm foundation on which to build their lifelong church service.

Senior Sister Carter with the seniors

Chapel ready for Seminary graduation

Pres. Kesolei signing diplomas
Daniel signing certificates


  1. Kristine and Allen,
    It's sounds so wonderful! I'm sure you are making a difference in Palau. How blessed they are to have you and how blessed you are to share in the work. Love you, Becky

  2. I loved reading this post!! You are having some great spiritual experiences. The love you feel for the people of Palau is very evident. I'm wondering about the Leavitts that you mentioned. Relations?