Thursday, May 9, 2013

Air Time!

Air Time!

And we're not talking about being on the radio..... Thursday, April 25th, we gathered our belongings from the Marriott, met the Crisps with their menagerie of suitcases, and boarded our van to the Salt Lake Airport.  We arrived with plenty of time to spare before our flights, so the four of us sat in a wi-fi area and tried to take care of last minute emails and phone calls before temporarily losing contact with family and friends.

We felt a little separation anxiety when Elder and Sister Crisp left for their gate and we walked toward ours.    Our flight to Seattle was a smooth two hours.  Sister Carter spent the entire time talking to the man seated on the other side of her.  They talked about religion for a few minutes, but he wasn't too interested in the church.

Our two-hour layover in Seattle passed quickly and then we were on the way to Tokyo with just ten and a half hours in the air.  We must admit the flight seemed long even though we tried to sleep, read, or otherwise pass the time.
Crisps, Carters, and carry-ons

Another two hour layover in Tokyo, but at least we were reunited with the Crisps before flying the last two and half hours to Guam.  President and Sister Mecham met us at the airport, and what a welcome sight!  We were so grateful that they stayed up late (midnight) to meet us, escort us to their home, and offer warmth and hospitality.

Saturday, April 27th, we met with President and Sister Mecham, Elder & Sister Prince, and Bishop Nicerio for orientation.  Afterwards, Elder and Sister Olsen took us to their apartment for the evening where we visited and talked mission and family experiences for a couple of hours.  We spent the night there and attended church on Guam with them the next day.

The last leg of our journey occurred Sunday afternoon as several of the missionaries loaded our heavy luggage and us into their cars, drove us to the Guam airport to catch our flight to Palau, which was only another two and half hours in the air away.
Elder Dopp & Elder Gubler
Sister Masiasomua & Sister Norgrant

We were the last people through customs, but imagine our delight when Elders Gubler and Dopp were there to greet us and take us to our apartment where we will live for the next 18 months.  They drove a crew cab truck, which was a good thing since we had so much luggage and our two tired bodies.  We spent a few minutes talking with them and our darling sister missionaries, Sisters Masiasomua and Norgrant.  Though we enjoyed every moment, our eyelids were heavy and our bodies demanded a good night's sleep.  Oh, the joys of a real bed with clean sheets!

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  1. It's nice to hear more about your flight and trip! I have been wondering :)