Sunday, September 1, 2013

Shaving is overrated...

We’ve visited with Dr. Taylor, new at Camp Katuu, a couple more times this week.  He thought Elder Carter’s infection on his finger was doing okay but was very concerned about the deterioration of the rash on his face.  He actually cut into his face, removed the infection, then packed a couple of places with ribbon gauze, then covered it with a big gauze bandage that shielded half his face.  The doctor also gave him a new, stronger antibiotic prescription for this resistant staph.  The new medicine is working and Elder Carter feels like a new man, especially now that he can shave.
Infection almost gone.

Though Elder Carter has been sporting gauze bandages, he has chauffeured Sister Carter around Koror as she has been out visiting with members, delivering church magazines, teaching piano lessons, and running errands.  He has been able to use the “out of view” time to update branch records, prepare agendas, study, and take care of a hundred branch details.  Now that the bandages are history, he is back to his normal routine working hard to bring the gospel to everyone.

Food is a major attraction here (at home too), but it does give us a chance to get together with our branch members and investigators.  We’ve hosted a few members for dinner, enjoyed a lunch with some sisters, fed the missionaries dinner, provided plenty of treats at various meetings, and been blessed with food gifts from other members. We celebrated Sister Norgrant's birthday today since she will be turning 21 on the 6th. More food--cake!
Sister Norgrant turning 21 this week

Sisters Purcell & Norgrant
Our district (missing Elder Fullmer & Sister Carter)

Seminary seems to be going well though we would always love to see every single eligible teenager attend each week.  We continue to invite all and pray that they will feel a great desire to attend and enjoy studying the Book of Mormon with us.
Eli, Elder & Sister Carter

Through the generosity of our friend Eli, we were able to stay at the Palau Pacific Resort on Friday night.  This is a lovely facility only about five miles from our home, but everything is close on Palau!  We were able to eat outside on the patio adjacent to the beach and enjoy an amazing sunset.  Though the sunsets here are spectacular, we rarely get to see them as we’re usually visiting in homes or the massive foliage blocks our view. 

Beautiful view from our island.
Sister & Elder Carter in our "civvies"

Palauan dancers

As always, the highlight of our week was the baptism of Lucky Beches on Saturday night.  He grew up with several of our branch members and will certainly have a good support group in the branch.  The baptism was almost entirely in Palauan, which is very unusual since Sister Masiasomua and Sister Ale were the speakers.  They’re from Australia yet they made every effort to give their remarks and testimonies in Palauan, plus they and two native sisters also sang a capella “I Need Thee Every Hour” in Palauan. Beautiful!
John (Elders Quorum Pres.) & Lucky

Pres. Kesolei, Lucky, John Thing, Sister Ale, Sister Masiasomua

Pres. Kesolei, Lucky, John Thing

Somehow our internet service has been good enough that we were able to Skype with several of our children including Madison who celebrated another birthday on Thursday.  We’re grateful for technology that makes communication easier and helps our entire family share in this mission experience.  We received treat-filled packages from Ferral Jones (Sister Carter’s mom) and Curtis and Michelle.  Two packages in one week was like celebrating Christmas, New Years, and birthdays all at once.  Thank you!

Two more of our Utah group left for home this week:  Seth and Kirsten Saterfield.  We already miss their willingness to jump into service in the branch and their naturally bright attitudes, especially since Seth was able to teach and baptize one of his co-workers while working on the island.  We pray that their experiences on Palau will help them as they start their family and serve in the church wherever they go.
Seth, Kirsten, Sister & Elder Carter

Sundays are busy, busy, busy, but they always fill our hearts with vitality and a desire to do more good.  Elder Carter conducted Fast and Testimony Meeting today and spoke for a moment about missionary work in the branch.  It was like he opened a conduit into the hearts and minds of branch members because they made a beeline to the podium to share their feelings about missionary work and what they could do to increase the work.  Though we had not a single pause between testimonies, we still spilled over 15 minutes into Sunday School time even after shortening the closing hymn to one verse.  We love these valiant Saints!

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  1. We are thoroughly enjoying reading about your mission experiences! Your enthusiasm for the work is contagious and we are grateful that you chose to serve a mission. I'm sure all the people you serve on Palau are also grateful! I will add my prayers to yours that more of the youth will join the Seminary class. Have a wonderful week!