Sunday, September 8, 2013

Big News!

Sunset for some, sunrise for others...

We refuse to say goodbye, yet it seems we’re saying “see you later” to far too many members recently.  Rilang Roberto left Tuesday evening for Taiwan where she will begin her advanced degree in medicine.  Her positive influence as our YW President will be felt for years to come, but this is a wonderful opportunity for her to learn and return to Palau with knowledge to bless the lives of everyone here.
Eli, Justice, Kaytano, Skarlee

Institute farewell

Keep him here!
At the airport
Goodbye to the branch

Eli McCann, our friend and companion in loving the youth of our branch, departed for home (America) on Thursday evening following his last meeting of Institute.  He’s been working at the Palau Supreme Court for the past year and served as our YM President.  As a mentor and friend to the young men, he’s been a stalwart example of faithful adherence to gospel principles plus knows how to create a party!  He begins the next chapter in his life in Salt Lake City working for the Kirton & McConkie law firm.  Though we feel a deep sense of loss and pain in the general area of our hearts, we know Rilang and Eli will continue contributing their talents and dedication through service wherever they are.  We miss you already!
Eli & Elder Carter

Eli & Sister Carter

Teaching fills our days.  We’ve been blessed this week to teach in-service to the branch teachers again.  We do this once a month and are wondering how 30 days could have passed so quickly.  We’re supposed to give practical ideas to help improve teaching, but we’ve found that the members here bless our lives so much more.  Their humble and sincere efforts elevate and motivate.

Every six weeks (each missionary transfer period) we meet for a zone lunch, so this week we met at the Drop Off Restaurant that sits on the water near a couple of boat docks.  The scenery was spectacular, the food good, and the company outstanding.  While visiting with our eight younger missionaries, all of us had trouble accepting the idea that six weeks had flown by.  Sister Norgrant had another year pass by since she turned 21 on Friday while Sister Masiasomua noted (somewhat sadly for all of us) that she marked one year as a missionary.
Sisters Ale, Norgrant, Purcell, Masiasomua at zone lunch
Taking lunch home

Paying for lunch

Elder Fullmer enjoying the pool next to the restaurant
Our Sunday meetings lift and inspire us, especially when we have new members teach from the pulpit.  Arisei, a convert of two months, spoke about apostasy and restoration along with our newest missionary Elder Murdoch, who spoke like a seasoned pro.  The congregation then sang “Praise to the Man” accompanied by our own Elder Malais (He has been taking piano lessons every Monday).  Our final speaker was Tommy Sakuma, the first member to join the church in Palau (1978).
New YW presidency:  Carla, Melody, Rayda (not pictured), Maria
Choir practice is always a treat!

The most wonderful news of the week came during Branch Council on Sunday afternoon when President Kesolei announced that all of the branch members needed to prepare for a temple trip set for July 15, 2014 to Manila, Philippines! The youth will also be able to go to perform baptisms, but the preparation starts NOW.  What an opportunity and blessing to stress family history and personal worthiness!

We love serving our Palauan family as missionaries and recognize that we’re gaining much more than we’re giving.  The gospel is true!  
Elder Carter and Palauan statue (Ngiwal)
Sister Carter teaching modesty (Ngiwal)

Another package from home this week.  Thanks Madison & Cody!  

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