Sunday, September 22, 2013

Love our zone!

As we wake up every morning and remember we’re on a tiny tropical island serving as missionaries, we are overcome with gratitude that Heavenly Father has blessed us so abundantly and knows exactly where we are needed.  But just as every other blessing, just at the moment we feel we are contributing greatly, our blessings overflow and we are even more indebted to the Lord.
We love our zone!

This week has been one of great spiritual outpourings and plenty of fun sandwiched between.  Teaching four of our missionaries piano has been a humbling experience since they have no time to practice but are working as diligently as possible so that they can contribute to the music in our branch.  All of them will help accompany the children’s Sacrament Meeting presentation in November.

Monday evening our good friend (and relative) Clair Hall spent some time with us, and we all enjoyed talking about the scriptures and what they mean to us.  The gospel brings us together in so many ways.
Community cleanup

Our zone at community cleanup
Elders glad the cleanup is over

Catching a ride

Elder Fullmer & Elder Murdoch crammed into a car

Sisters after the community cleanup

Sister Carter continues her volunteer efforts at Palau High School.  She gave each student a speaking assignment while the class takes notes.  They are halfway through, and it seems that each class member, including the teacher, is learning a lot about each other and the English language.  It will be even more interesting when they have a review activity to see how much they truly understood from each presentation.

Teaching Seminary is a weekly highlight, and though we may not see as many of our youth there as we would like, those that do come are trying hard to read and understand the Book of Mormon and its messages for our day.  They face a multitude of challenges and need the strength of the gospel to aid them in their “wanderings in the wilderness.”  We love each one of them.

Institute on Thursday evenings seems to have found its own rhythm.  Sister Angie, who teaches each week, loves her calling and it shows.  We had our first Young Single Adult activity on Friday evening at President Kesolei’s home where we all built our own burritos.  After eating way too much food, we got to know one another better as we played games and laughed at the crazy antics during charades.
M & M game

Young single adults having fun

Ready for games
Ready to start

Elder Carter giving instructions


Looking for a winner

Hot air?

Getting to know each other

Good charade clues

Elder Murdoch getting into the fun

John Thing:  master at charades

Tough game

Candy = Fun
Joanny Kesolei serving ice candy.  Delicious!
This entire week we looked forward to the baptism of Teruo Melus on Saturday night, and we were not disappointed!  It was one of the most spiritual baptisms we’ve ever attended, and we were grateful to feel the powerful influence of the Spirit.  At Teruo’s request, our four elders (Elders Fullmer, Malais, Dopp, & Murdoch) sang “When I Am Baptized” and accompanied themselves on two guitars.  They worked hard to prepare, and we believe this is the first of many more vocal experiences.
Sister Purcell, Teruo Melus, Sister Norgrant

Pres. Kesolei, Jori Lynn, Teruo, Joel

Happy faces at Teruo's baptism

Listening to themselves

Elders Dopp, Murdoch, Malais, Fullmer practicing

Though Sundays are busy with church meetings, music rehearsals, and feeding the missionaries, still this day set apart from all others gives us rest and energy to begin a new week of missionary work.  Sister Purcell and Sister Ale spoke about reverence during Sacrament Meeting and Melody Lee, a recent convert, sang “I Come to Him”.  We enjoyed a beautiful spiritual experience together.  Elder Carter substituted in the youth Sunday School class.  Elders Dopp and Murdoch also attended and reported that a great spirit confirmed what he was teaching.
Sister Masiasomua, Melody Lee, Elder Dopp

The work of inviting souls to Christ is going strong in Palau, and we’re grateful to make any contribution we can each day.  We are grateful to each of you who pray for our welfare and success, and want you to know we feel the power of your faith as we go about our daily labors.  We love you!
Congratulations to our friends Seth & Kirsten who were sealed in the temple this week!
Tiny, but tasty finger-sized bananas

Now that you're gone Eli, they're redoing the supreme court building.


  1. Sister Carter...LOVE your shoes in your zone picture!! Elder Carter, I can't see your shoes so I can't comment. P.S. I am a girl underneath.

    Cindy and I love reading your blog....please don't get too tired of writing it :-) You are doing a marvelous work and a wonder, and we want you to know what a wonderful example you are to us. We include your names in the Bountiful Temple often. God bless you! Nik

    1. Clunky shoes, but stylin' in Palau!
      Thanks for all your positive thoughts and temple prayers. We are grateful and can feel your support as we do our best to bring the gospel to everyone on these islands!
      Love you!

  2. Sister Carter! You are so sweet! Thank you for thinking of us on our special day! We miss you guys! Thank you for letting me feel included through your blog! The work and people are great in Palau! We love you!