Sunday, September 15, 2013

New Responsibilities

Elder Carter & Dan Butler, NYC firefighter
Technology ties us to our family, and we’re grateful for the time our children take to Skype, email, or write us.  We miss each one of our children and grandchildren and pray for their daily successes in living the Gospel, but we’re humbled to serve in Palau and feel a closeness to each of these wonderful, humble people.

Excitement over the recent temple trip announcement grows every day, but many members know they will have trouble qualifying for a temple recommend because of their betel nut addiction.  This nasty nationwide habit has enslaved the people.  Many members have expressed interest in an addiction recovery class, so Elder Carter will teach a class every week starting the first of October.  We’re praying that this will be a giant leap towards the temple.
Music practice with the girls

We have a fairly standard routine of member visits, piano lessons, Seminary, Institute, branch presidency business, Primary, choir, and missionary meetings, but every once in a while something unusual comes up—and adds to the notes in our missionary planners.  Sister Carter now volunteers at Palau High School a couple of days a week.  Her years of teaching English as a Second Language are coming in handy now since she’s helping in an English class where all the students speak Palauan first and English second.  An added bonus is staying close to the few Church members (Seminary students)on campus and helping each of them with any essays or other homework.
Institute students hard at work

This past Wednesday marked the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 bombings in the United States, and Palau had a memorial service to honor the victims and heroes of that tragic day.  Elder Carter was invited to offer the prayers in the meeting that featured the college president, Charge d’Affaires from the American embassy, the Palau Minister of State, and special guests visiting from New York.  Firefighters and policemen who served during 9/11 just happened to be on a dive trip in Palau along with their wives.  We were enthralled listening to their emotional, heartfelt tributes to the 324 friends who died on that day twelve years ago.  Palau leaders also paid tribute to the families of those who had lost loved ones fighting for freedom while serving in the U.S. Armed Forces.
Thomas P. Daley, Charge d'Affaires

Paul Bardo, NYC firefighter

Dr. Tellei, PCC President

Dan Butler, NYC firefighter
9/11 program
Elder Carter, Dr. Tellei, John Jr. Ngiraked

Elder Carter signing 9/11 book
Sometimes working with eight younger missionaries reminds us of our “advanced” age, but most of the time they energize us with their great work ethics and strong testimonies.  We’re blessed to see them often during the week driving down the road, at district or zone meetings, casual visits at our apartment (or theirs), and our meal we share on Sundays after a day filled with meetings.  Sister Carter has been experimenting with recipes, and they are kind enough to eat everything and act like they like it.
Elder Murdoch, Sister Ale, Sister Masiasomua

Elder Malais, Elder Dopp, Elder Fullmer

In mission years (or months), we are only five!  Today marks our fifth month anniversary of entering missionary service.  We still love our calling, each other, and the opportunity to serve the Palau people and would love to hear what events in the last five months have changed you. 
Our "date" night sunset

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