Sunday, April 20, 2014


We’ve been reminded by several friends and family that this week marks our year anniversary as missionaries in the Micronesia Guam Mission.  In many ways the time has flown as on angels’ wings and in others it has crawled as slowly as our Palauan red centipedes.

Chris McDonald joining us for dinner
Time has slipped by as we love our members and missionaries and feel their strength and faith in hastening the work of inviting all to come unto Christ.  We are grateful to be associated with such inspiring people and feel our own testimonies grow through their righteous examples of honesty and industry.
Listening to Conference (mostly)

Time slows considerably when we miss our family at home, especially when they celebrate life-changing events in their lives.  We know they are fine without us, and that double-edged sword leaves us both humbled and grateful.
Easter eggs

Easter egg fun

Elder Murdoch & Elder Malais

Sister Talakai & Sister Bevans

Elders Dopp, Malais, Murdoch, Fullmer

Sister Purcell & Sister Ale

Time came to a near standstill this week as one of our young elders, Elder Dopp, suffered from a terrible sore throat and temperature.  We nursed him for a couple of days before taking him to the hospital early Saturday morning for an evaluation.  We didn’t feel much confidence in the diagnosis, but at least he was able to get some antibiotics, and we’re relieved to report that he’s feeling much better and should return to 100% health by tomorrow.
Elder Dopp resting while his companion Elder Fullmer keeps watch

Doing better every hour

Some of our time this week has been dedicated to helping young people work on mission papers.  Our little branch has two young men serving as full-time missionaries already, but a young man and a young woman began their process this week.  This is one of the greatest pleasures of our experience here.


Most of the world watched General Conference two weeks ago, but we finally had our time to enjoy the spiritual feast this week-end.  We met at 9:00 A.M. at the church on Saturday, watched a session, enjoyed a potluck lunch, then watched the afternoon session.  We repeated this pattern on Sunday, but many more members of the branch attended with us.  We’re grateful for the messages of church leaders that instruct, inspire, encourage, strengthen, and testify—and already look forward to their messages printed in the Liahona so we can study and “remember” the feelings of this week-end.
Lunch on Saturday

Waiting for lunch

Ready to serve

Between sessions of Conference, feeding the missionaries, and meeting with members, we remembered and celebrated that time that the Savior Jesus Christ came forth from the tomb as the culmination of his Atonement and offered us the unspeakable gift of forgiveness and eternal life as we sincerely and humbly repent.  We testify that he lives.

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  1. Happy Easter!!! It has been a week since we haven't talk! We hope Allan had a great birthday! We miss you and love you!!! Carla&Nathaniel