Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Week Away

We awoke to a normal Monday morning of 80 degrees and who-knows-how-much humidity, completed our regular running/walking, visited with family on the internet, taught piano lessons to a few missionaries, visited with some members, and prepared to leave for Guam on the over-night flight.
Sister Paz and Sister Carter at Palau airport on the way to Guam

We arrived at 5:15 A.M. Tuesday morning, hopped into our rental car, drove to the local Denny’s for breakfast, and arrived 30 minutes early for Elder Carter’s dental appointment.  Dr. Hartup, our new best friend, went to work in Elder Carter’s mouth and found more than what we bargained for during three hours in the chair.  He completed the needed root canal and determined that the crown that had been placed in Palau was 25% too big and placed incorrectly, hence causing trauma to a neighboring tooth.  Dr. Hartup “invited” us to return on Friday for more dental work(no Wednesday night return as we had anticipated).  After four hours in the chair Friday, Elder Carter sported two teeth prepped and sporting temporary crowns which have to be placed sometime next week. 
Elder Carter and the view from Bay View hotel

One of the few highlights of this dental interval was visiting with the senior missionaries working on Guam.  The Martins keep the mission office under control while the Hursts ignite the fire of family history with any who will listen.  We enjoyed the cooking of both couples Sunday evening and so appreciate their kindness and thoughtfulness.
Martins, Hursts, Elder Carter
We spent a little time on the phone talking with Elder Fullmer on Palau to let him know of our extended stay in Guam.  We asked him to cover for us for several assignments and then found, much to our dismay, that Melody Lee, one of our beloved branch members, was leaving that very evening for the Philippines.  We are thrilled that she will be back with her family, but so sad to lose her sweet smile and wonderful talents.

Tuesday afternoon we checked into the Bayview Hotel and were assigned to the 20th floor.  We had a fabulous view of Tumon Bay and city sites, but were happy to transfer to the Pacific Star the next day (formerly the Marriott) for the remainder of our stay. 
Elder Carter checking in at the Pacific Star Hotel

Sister Carter welcoming airline crews at Pacific Star Hotel

Perhaps the greatest trial of the last few days has 
been Elder Carter’s wrestle with severe anxiety.  With medical and dental care on Palau less than desirable and situated 900 miles from immediate help, his anxiety about future problems has been a major issue.  Fortunately we have a capable and understanding mission nurse, Sister McClellan, and an outstanding and inspiring mission president, President Mecham, who are helping him through a difficult time.  We’re grateful for your prayers in our behalf!

While we have a lot of “extra” time on our hands, we have been trying to compile our income tax records to meet the April 15th deadline, visited the social security office to handle Medicare details, and tried to keep our minds occupied with things besides medical or dental issues.

Saturday evening Sister Carter was able to attend the General Womens Conference delayed broadcast at the Barrigada Chapel.  About 100 women attended to hear inspiring messages from our church leaders then met afterwards for elaborate refreshments in the cultural hall.  They must have an expansive budget compared to our branch in Palau! 

We attended the Barrigada Ward for Sunday meetings and enjoyed visiting with several people that we’ve met on prior occasions.  One of the highlights of the morning was seeing our very own zone leaders Elder Fullmer and Elder Dopp as they were on Guam for training.  We are grateful for them and all of our other missionaries who work so diligently to invite all to come unto Christ.  How we miss them when we’re away!
Sister Carter, Elder Dopp, Elder Fullmer, Elder Carter at Barrigada Ward

We’re not sure what this next week will bring, but we have faith in Jesus Christ.  Thank you again and again and again for all your prayers and support.  We love you and pray for you!

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  1. Dearest Sister and Elder Carter....just wanted to thank you so much for the really great example you have given Cindy and me, and for the lessons you have taught us here at home. They are influencing us more than you can imagine. Elder Carter, my heart goes out to you with your dental annoyances. I just had a rear tooth extracted, and even after four shots of novocain, I was ready to kill the oral surgeon :-) But I guess taking it out was better than leaving it in, which so many have to do.

    We love you guys....Nik & Cindy