Saturday, July 19, 2014

Last Couples' Conference?

Monday morning dawned bright and beautiful in Guam.  We’re pleasantly surprised with the mild temperatures in Guam and the moderate humidity.  It feels much more like Hawaii than Palau!
Elder Carter & the view from Pacific Star 18th floor

Enjoying Guam

Beautiful shoreline

Airport at the top of the hill

After shopping, running errands, and checking off all the “to do” items on our list, we met at the mission home with all the other senior missionaries for dinner and family home evening.  Racks and racks of barbecued ribs were the centerpiece of our meal, but the yummy salads and homemade desserts tempted us to overeat, which seemed to be a theme for the week.  During dinner we heard how President and Sister Zarbock received their call to lead the Micronesia Guam Mission.  We’re grateful they said “yes” to the call and know they will be a powerful force as they guide all of us in hastening the work.
Elder Martin knows how to barbecue ribs!
Bishop Nicerio welcomed all of us then Elder and Sister Strother encouraged and applauded our participation in song.  Sister Carter and Sister Strother  sang “Whom Shall I Serve” followed by the brethren giving a beautiful a capella rendition of “Brightly Beams Our Father’s Mercy” then all of the sisters sang “The Lord is My Shepherd”.  We have an amazingly talented bunch of senior missionaries!

Sister McClellan & Elder Carter

Sister & Elder Strother, Elder Jung

Bishop Nicerio, Elder & Sister Curtis

Sister & Elder Strother

Elder Hurst, Sister Strother

Sister & Elder Hurst

Sister & Elder Hurst, Bishop Nicerio, Elder & Sister Curtis

Elder Crisp, Elder & Sister Curtis

Elder & Sister Chandler, Sister & Elder McCabe

Elder & Sister Martin, Sister & Elder Crisp

Elder McCabe, President Zarbock

Men's chorus

Elder Curtis leading the men's chorus

Sisters' chorus plus Elder Martin

Sisters harmonizing

Sister & Elder McCabe

We gathered at the Barrigada Chapel for breakfast Tuesday morning then began our meetings at 8:30 hosted by Bishop Nicerio with Elder Jung, an Area Seventy, presiding.  Sister Zarbock spoke followed by President Zarbock giving us his vision for our mission.  He is an able and accomplished leader supported by a lovely, spiritual wife.  We enjoyed lunch together at Ruby Tuesdays then met again in the afternoon for additional training.  Sharing experiences and stories with all of the couples is an eye-opener and refreshing!
Bishop Nicerio

President Zarbock

Listening carefully

Taking a break

Dancing too?

Paying attention

More listening

Sister Hurst sharing treats

McCabe's enjoying treats

Taking a break

Sister Martin

Sister & President Zarbock

Sister & Elder Carter

Bishop Nicerio

Ready for more

Wednesday morning each of us had an opportunity to present our stewardship reports, most done through PowerPoint.  The pictures were enlightening, but most talked about people and their challenges trying to live the gospel.  We drove to Pizza Hut for lunch, and all of us enjoyed a meal unavailable on the outer islands, not to mention the company of fellow senior missionaries.  The afternoon was dedicated to the goals of seminary and institute as presented by couple missionaries.  We ran out of time for our presentation, so we were delayed for another day.  Another highlight of the day was a red-meat meal at Lone Star Steakhouse with a dozen senior missionaries.
More training

Curtis & McCabe couples

Missionaries & technology

Listening & learning

Chuuk report

Pohnpei report

Kosrae report

Senior Missionaries - July 2014

Elder & Sister Curtis

Elder Jung, Bishop Nicerio

Chandlers & Crisps

McCabes & Strothers

Hursts & McClellan

Nicerio & Martins

Another photo?

Curtises & Carters


Elder Curtis leading the music

Hursts, Chandlers, Crisps


Elder Crisp


Dinner together

Food & fun

Better together

We gave our presentation on Gospel Teaching and Learning early Thursday morning followed by Bishop Nicerio and Elder Jung aided by Elder Strother.  Elder and Sister McCabe, who had arranged and presented breakfast each day, also brought sandwiches and extras from Subway for lunch.  The next couple of hours we heard the testimonies of nine missionaries who will go home before the next couples’ conference:  Elder & Sister Chandler, Elder & Sister Carter, Elder & Sister Crips, Elder & Sister McCabe, and Sister McClellan.  What a powerful ending to a wonderful week spent with spiritual giants!  We love each one!
Happy missionaries

Elder Carter conducting

Bishop Nicerio

Elder Jung

Group assignment

Group song

Group dance

Group presentation

Strothers, McClellan, Zarbocks

McCabes, Strother


Curtises, Carter




Bishop Nicerio, Elder Jung

Bishop Nicerio singing

Carter, McCabe


McClellan, Crisp

Carter, Crisp

How we love these servants of the Lord and pray for their safety and success as they offer all to bring the Gospel to the isles of the sea.

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