Sunday, June 1, 2014


While visiting members this week we discovered that not much surprises us anymore.  We saw something on a young girl’s shirt, and when she turned towards us we immediately recognized it as a fruit bat clinging to her side.  Does this mean we’re “seasoned” missionaries?
Just another bat
Unusual friends

A major highlight of this week was the TWO baptismal services held on Friday—one in the morning and one in the evening.  Work schedules sometimes make this necessary, but we’re happy to oblige.  Junior Anton, Oirei Vedasto, and Morikawa Renguulbai were baptized by Hideo, Silmai, and Elder Malais.  We’re grateful to see these new members bring added strength to the branch.
Junior and Hideo

Junior and friends

Junior, friends, and missionaries
Oirei, Silmai, Ann

Morikawa and Oirei

Oirei and friends

Morikawa, Elder Malais, Silmai, Oirei

Outside after baptism

We’re proud of our missionaries and their efforts to learn to play the piano.  Sister Talakai and Elder Striplin have now joined Elder Malais, Elder Murdoch, and Sister Ale in the ranks of our piano students.  They don’t have much time to practice, but they’re doing what they can to prepare to play for church meetings.

Elders Striplin, Murdoch, Dopp, Malais

The younger missionaries spent a couple of hours on Monday playing baseball with some college students while we visited members and prepared dinner for the Kesolei family.  The Kesolei’s joined us for a sweet evening of fellowship and food and were even able to take leftovers home with them.
President Kesolei and grandson Jordan

Another evening this week we invited the sister missionaries to join us for dinner.  We had plenty of leftovers that they willingly took care of for us.  We are finding that we cook a lot—something that will surprise our children!

Sister Purcell hasn’t been feeling 100% this week, so we visited the doctor.  We’re grateful for medical care and are happy to report she’s feeling much better and able to work hard. 

Sister Purcell with the doctor

Sister Ale & Sister Purcell waiting at the doctor's office

Rolmi waiting with the sisters

Sister Purcell awaiting test results

Sister Bevans returned to us Friday evening!  We’d been told she could come back from Guam in a few more days, but her recovery has been much quicker than expected, plus she was in a hurry to get back to Palau.  We’re so grateful she’s doing better and is ready to jump back into the work.

Rolmi Muller submitted her mission papers this week!  We’re grateful for her desire to serve and know she will be a powerful missionary.  She spends several hours each week serving with the sisters, providing rides, and supporting branch activities.  We anxiously await her call within the next four weeks.
Rolmi ready to submit missionary papers!

Elder Murdoch conducted his first district meeting this Thursday about how to involve branch members in the work.  He did a great job training and allowing us opportunities to role play.  He’s a humble leader and listens to the promptings of the Spirit.

Some of our YM/YW

Not many attended church this Sunday, but those that did heard multiple sincere testimonies, well-prepared lessons, and enjoyed chatting and loving one another.  We certainly miss Elder Dopp, Elder Malais, and Sister Purcell as they’re in Guam this weekend for leadership training and look forward to their return Monday night.  We will finally all be together again!

Our mission preparation class is in its fourth week and was taught by Elder Murdoch and Elder Striplin. They taught the importance of teaching by the Spirit, and those in attendance felt the power of their testimonies.
Mission prep class with our missionaries

Happy missionaries after dinner on Fast Sunday
Rolmi, Sisters Talakai, Bevans, Ale
Elders Striplin & Murdoch

Thanks to our family and friends for love and support that never ceases to sustain us.  We love you right back!

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