Sunday, May 4, 2014

Regular Week

The most notable item of this week is that there was no notable item of the week!  Our regular missionary schedule continues, but we didn’t have any major event to chat about except that the work continues and we’re grateful to be a part of it.
View from the church parking lot

After teaching piano lessons Monday morning, we spent a few hours playing games with our younger missionaries.  We love being together and have found that we don’t care about “winning” anything.
Elder Malais, Sister Talakai, Elder Dopp, Elder Murdoch, Sister Purcell, Sister Bevans playing a game
Elders Dopp, Malais, Fullmer, Murdoch

Three of our branch members at the college

Sisters Talakai, Bevans, Purcell, Ale

While riding her bicycle one of our young women was hit by a car.  She had some damage on her hand, so she and her dad flew to Guam for more medical help.  We’re praying that all goes well for her and they will return to us soon.

Our district meeting Thursday was a sweet spiritual experience as Elder Malais shared his thoughts and feelings about the Atonement and our responsibility to share the message of the Savior.  Following the meeting we decided to take a few new pictures of our zone.  We love each missionary and are grateful for this short time to serve together in Palau.
Palau Zone

On this bright, early, and HOT Friday morning, we gathered for a service project in a member’s garden.  Though our member cancelled the project, the elders decided to go ahead and clear grass and other greenery near the garden with their weed eaters.  While they worked, Elder Carter labored at the chapel and Sister Carter returned home to work.
Elder Murdoch and his "sweat" towel

Only a few members joined us for First Friday Flicks, but Elder Carter had made a boatload of popcorn.  No worries though because the elders were happy to take it off our hands, and we think they might have shared a bit of it with the sisters.
Elders Murdoch & Malais found a few spare toilets

Early Saturday morning Elder Fullmer, Elder Dopp, and Sister Purcell boarded the plane for Guam to attend leadership meetings.  They will return Monday evening, and we will be so glad to see them.  Our world seems a little off kilter when they leave us.  The remaining three sisters, two elders, and us drove to Ngaraard for the funeral of Jorang Chiba, a member of our branch.  We sang “God Be With You ‘til We Meet Again” and Sister Ale offered a prayer.  Funerals in Palau last most of a day.  The younger missionaries stayed for the entire time while we attended for an hour or so—just in time to provide additional singing voices and moral support.  In a few weeks, we will return with the family to dedicate the grave.
On the beach at Ngaraard

Sisters Bevans, Ale, Talakai

Sisters Bevans & Ale with Kamalani

Sister Talakai

Beach at Ngaraard

Summer house on the water at Ngaraard

Sisters Ale & Bevans & branch members

We’re grateful for another week to serve in Palau with the faithful support of our family—our family that continues to grow.  We discovered this week that we have another grandbaby that will arrive in November!  The blessings continue to flow and we are thankful to recognize our Heavenly Father as the source of every single one!
Missionary work can be tiring--just ask Sister Bevans!

Sister Purcell & Sister Talakai on our patio

Writing a song together

Making the words and music work

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