Sunday, February 9, 2014

Hot, Humid, Happy

Our opening hymn in Sacrament Meeting today was “If You Could Hie to Kolob”, but we had trouble concentrating on the lyrics because we kept thinking about how cool and refreshing Kolob Mountain in Southern Utah was, especially considering that our air conditioning didn’t work in the chapel here.  We and the rest of the congregation were grateful for the fans that moved the warm air so we could enjoy the speakers (Sister Norgrant was one of them) and appreciate the message of the choir hymn, “Do What Is Right”.  In spite of the heat, the choir performed like professionals and invited a sweet spirit to attend the meeting.  We’re praying that the air conditioning will be fixed by next week!
Sister Carter near the church garden

We had an unusual experience yesterday as we attended TWO baptisms, one at 4:00 P.M. and the other at 8:00 P.M.  Work schedules made it impossible to merge the two, so we happily arranged both.  Jeremiah Kaiwi and Jorang Shiro were baptized in the afternoon while Erwin Angeles was baptized in the evening.  Elder Carter performed Erwin’s baptism—a first for this mission.  Each one of these recent converts will bring such strength to the branch and we look forward to their ordinations to the priesthood (Jeremiah and Erwin) and new callings as they serve in the branch.  Sister Carter feels an especially close relationship with Erwin as he is one of her promising piano students and is here alone, away from his family in the Philippines.  Jeremiah holds a soft spot in her heart also as he often affectionately calls her Mom Carter.
Our missionaries, Jeremiah, President thing

Elder Malais & Jeremiah

Elders & Jeremiah

Sister Carter & Jeremiah
Erwin & Elder Carter

Erwin & President Thing

Elder Malais, Elder Murdoch, Erwin, Pres. Thing, Elder Carter

Elder Malais, Elder Murdoch, Erwin, Sister & Elder Carter

Jorang & Elder Fullmer

Jorang & Shannele

Jorang & family

Sister Norgrant, Jorang, Sister Ale

Elder Fullmer & Jorang

Jorang's family & President Thing

Our eight younger missionaries are working hard to invite all to come unto Christ.  Sister Norgrant and Sister Ale are planning a multicultural evening of song and dance as a way to introduce people to the church and are busily teaching a variety of dances from different countries to several young people each week.  It’s already starting to open doors and hearts.  The other six missionaries are assisting them by teaching dances in their areas to contribute to the program on February 21st.

Sister Masiasomua and Sister Purcell are planning a missionary fireside next Sunday where they’ll share video clips about “A Day in the Life of a Missionary” based loosely on Elder Uchtdorf’s talk about why anyone would want to be a member of this church.  Look for pictures next Sunday!

Seminary and Institute attendance is slowly increasing along with the youth’s desires to keep the commandments and attend church faithfully.  Often we have a lot of people attend even though they may not meet the age requirements, but we are pleased as each person walks through the door of the chapel.
Institute--Our teacher Angie on the right

Sister Carter has spent a lot of time in the kitchen this week making cinnamon rolls, cookies, bread, and other treats to give away to missionaries and members.  Somehow everything disappears quickly.
Sister Masiasomua & Sister Purcell

Sister Ale & Sister Norgrant

Elders Malais, Dopp, Fullmer, Murdoch

Elder Dopp & Elder Fullmer

Not only food, but time disappears here quickly too.  We can’t believe another week has flown by and we are thinking about transfers at the end of the month.  As a little diversion, each of the missionaries wrote their predictions about where each one of them will be following the transfer and we will open the envelope on the Sunday before the transfer call.  We know Sister Masiasomua will be on her way home, and NONE of us like it.
Sister Purcell, Sister Masiasomua, Elder Dopp making predictions

Blessings continue to flow upon us here in Palau and we feel the strength of your faith and prayers on our behalf.  We are grateful for each one of you and for every day we have to serve.  We love you!

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