Sunday, January 19, 2014

Away from the routine

Carters at the Marriott Hotel in Guam
We’ve been in Guam for a couple of days in advance of our couples’ conference and must admit that our senses are on overload with all of the fast food places, shopping opportunities, movie theaters, people, beaches, and cars.  We’ve had time to visit the dentist, catch up on a lost night’s sleep, walk along the beach, and prepare for a week’s worth of meetings with all the other couples of the Micronesia Guam Mission.
Elder Carter at Denny's
Guam map

It might be enlightening to share a little about the other couples with whom we serve.  Elder and Sister Crisp, originally from Arizona, are on Chuuk with 22 young elders.  They were called as CES missionaries, but like all of us, they wear several different hats.  The big difference on Chuuk is that they and all the other missionaries must be in by 6:00 every evening because of all the alcohol-related incidents.  The Crisps were with us in the MTC and are have served for nine months.
Dinner at the Mecham's

Sunday Lunch

Elder and Sister Chandler from Heber City, Utah have been serving on Pohnpei for the last seven months as CES missionaries, but again, they do all that’s asked of them to give members the support they need.

The Norton’s of Michigan have been serving on the southern end of Guam for almost two years and go home only days following our couples’ conference.  We’re excited to think that they will be relocating to our hometown of St. George not long after their release.

Elder and Sister McCabe serve as military relation missionaries on Guam and serve soldiers on two bases.  This is their TENTH mission and though in their 80’s, they serve with enthusiasm and excitement.  We want to be like them.

Elder and Sister Strother are the newest missionaries.  They’ve been serving on Yap for the last three months as CES missionaries, though they also do whatever the members need.

Sister McClellan, our mission nurse, has been here for several months and keeps far too busy.  The abundance of strange tropical maladies keeps her hopping as she tries to care for each and every missionary throughout this gigantic geographical mission.

Our mission office couple, Elder and Sister Prince, are from New Harmony, Utah.  They have only a few more weeks before returning home after successfully serving all of us and the entire mission presidency.
President & Sister Mecham

Pres. Mecham & Elder Chandler

President and Sister Mecham have been faithfully serving as our mission leaders and will find their way back to Salt Lake City, Utah the end of June.  We are so grateful for their selfless service, inspired leadership, and priceless friendship.  We love them so much.

Though we are grateful to be with the other missionary couples for the next week, we do miss our branch family and young missionaries on Palau.  We are sad to have missed the baptism on Saturday night and the first Sunday with our new branch presidency but expect to hear every detail when we return on Friday night.
Sister Carter on the balcony of the Marriott

We attended the Barrigada Ward of Guam Sunday morning and enjoyed seeing Elder Gubler, one of our former Palauan elders as well as some members we met six months ago.  After the meetings we congregated at the Mecham’s home for a barbecue and chance to talk with all the couples.  We look forward to a week filled with uplifting meetings and heartwarming fellowship with the other couple missionaries.
Our last visit with Elder Gubler on Guam

 Thanks to all of you who so faithfully stay in regular contact with us and willingly offer your love and support!

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