Sunday, June 30, 2013

Wheels....and a little mud

Last week we committed to put our shoulder to the wheel and push harder and faster.  We’ve done just that, but not without a bit of opposition.  First, the heavens opened and poured out rain like we haven’t seen in years—or maybe ever!  It poured and poured then poured some more including our first experience with thunder and lightning here on the islands.  Though we had several inches fall, as soon as the sun came out it was as if nothing had happened.  We’ve learned to work through the rain.  Doesn’t that sound like a popular song and a metaphor for life?  We’re always grateful for the rain for it cools this tropical isle just as we’re grateful for opposition that strengthens and stretches us.

In all our travels and visits this week, we’ve learned that the Lord is mindful of each of his children—including us!  We’ve found more church members who have been “lost” for a few months and some for a few years and been able to share again the gospel message of the Restoration.
Betty Hall & Sister Carter
Betty leaves for USA tomorrow!

Betty & Clair Hall
Two of our Southern Utah faithful
Our sports night activities on Tuesday continue to be a success with the young people and gives them a another opportunity to gather together, play a sport, enjoy a safe and wholesome atmosphere, and learn more about their brothers and sisters.  We may not be the best sportsmen around, but we do know how to have fun with those who attend.  We played basketball for half of our time then moved indoors to play a couple of games involving balloons, running, laughing, and making noise.  What could be better?
Father's Day & Mother's Day cards from Madison, Cody, Camille, & Clint.  Thank you!!

Sister Carter’s piano instructions seem to escalate every week.  We have eight young missionaries serving on Palau and four of them have asked her to teach them piano on their preparation day.  Her goal is that all four (and every other student too) will progress quickly enough to play for any church event and for their own enjoyment.  Of course, that can be a little difficult as they don’t have time to practice as she would like them to, but they have the desire to learn and serve that will give them added measures of blessings.  

Elder Dopp conducted his first meeting as district leader this week.  He was organized, made assignments to others, and taught us well from Preach My Gospel.  How enlivening and enlightening is the gospel that teaches our youth to serve, sacrifice, and lead!

We love watching the gospel change someone’s life and were able to witness another giant step this week as Deepak Rijal was baptized by Seth Saterfield, one of the St. George crew working on the compact road.  Deepak, a native of Nepal, has been working on the road also, and according to Seth, was “golden.”  He would study all the Church materials so that when the missionaries taught lessons, he would be prepared and ready for more.  His humility and preparation are an inspiration to each of us.
Deepak & John Jr. (elders quorum president)

Elder Fullmer, Deepak, Elder Gubler

Elder Fullmer, Elder Malais, Deepak, Elder Dopp, Elder Gubler
Several days ago President Kesolei asked us to prepare a presentation about resource management and teach it during the third hour on June 30th.  We had a good time preparing a PowerPoint and dividing responsibilities and felt the Spirit carry the value of this message to the combined Relief Society and priesthood group.  We were delighted that some wanted copies of the entire presentation and almost all requested copies of the slides about budgets.  President Kesolei even asked us to prepare a “repeat performance” for those that were teaching in Primary, Young Men, and Young Women so that all could have an opportunity to learn gospel centered doctrine about financial management.

Elder Carter finished his first month conducting Sacrament Meetings, which is nothing unusual for him, but we celebrated the fact that every assigned speaker attended church and fulfilled their responsibility.  Not only did they speak as requested, but they prepared mightily so that all could be edified.  It’s been another wonderful month of Sundays and every single day in between.  We love our mission!


  1. Hi there Elder and Sister Carter! I love waking up Monday morning to read your fabulous blog. What a busy, inspiring missionary couple you are. Keep up the good work! I'm up in SLC ready to go in to my eye doc to start getting stitches out this morning. We love visiting with our kids and grandkids when we come up. We have had a heck of a heat wave here, even in SLC. I will email more later. We leave in a week for Alaska. 16 of us going this time - yahoo!


  2. Dear Elder and Sister Carter,
    I am so inspired by your fascinating tales of the mission. I am so happy for you and hope to see photos of that new choir Alan is starting in Palau...right? My heart is very heavy right now. I am so sorry for your family's loss. We all knew this was coming but it is very very sad, none the less. I will try to make the funeral and give Ashley, Mick and Thaniel hugs...but it is my birthday and you know I don't like funerals...especially sad ones. I will at least go to the church and hug them all tight and all your grandkids. I miss you both and love you. Oh, Katie had a bouncing baby boy yesterday named Konrad Matthew Anderson. i was at her homebirth. It was wonderful. Again, so sorry! Love, Becky